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Top 20 free Online Plagiarism Checkers

I have been an avid CopyScape user for a couple of years. Lately, I have been having my doubts on whether CopyScape might be the best plagiarism checker considering there are very many free online plagiarism checkers nowadays and it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism can be very costly to you as a… Keep Reading

paypal to mpesa in Kenya

Direct Paypal to Mpesa in Kenya

Paypal account holders in Kenya will now be able to withdraw their Paypal dollars directly to Mpesa. This is after Vodafone announced a partnership with TransferTo, a Singapore-based remittance firm, that will provide the direct Mpesa transfers. The service will be facilitated by Xoom which is Paypal run service that facilitates international money transfers. Safaricom,… Keep Reading


Cheapest Banks to Borrow a Business Loan in Kenya

Are you looking for a business loan in Kenya? The Central Bank of Kenya has published average bank lending rates on its website showing the most expensive and least expensive lenders in the business and personal loans category. This post will focus on business loans which often attract the highest interest rates and hidden charges.… Keep Reading


Uber Killing Taxis in Kenya

Uber has now plunged the local taxi industry into an impasse that has rocked major cities across the world. The taxi hailing service is fast replacing the conventional taxi industry. The adoption of technology in Africa is usually slower as opposed to the global adoption rates, but with the arrival of Uber all signs point… Keep Reading


20+ Websites to Find Jobs in Kenya

Finding a job is not easy, in fact only one in two graduates will secure a job, but you can leverage the power of the internet to widen the reach of your job search. In the past, the only place you could find job listings was in the newspaper or one of those jobs boards… Keep Reading

infinix phones

Infinix Winning African Smartphone Market

In just its second year in the local smartphone market, Infinix continued its prodigious growth and penetration into a difficult market through unconventional marketing and sales channels. Infinix initially launched their first smartphone in Africa in 2013, but they pulled their first line and made a crucial change of tact that saw Infinix Mobility re-enter… Keep Reading

freelancing statistics

8 Ridiculous Myths About Online Jobs

The advent of the internet has brought with it numerous benefits and working online is one of them. In recent years, online jobs have been steadily gaining popularity world-wide. A sizeable percentage of people prefer the flexibility and convenience that is unique to these kind of jobs in comparison to the conventional 8 to 5… Keep Reading

academic writing kenya

5 Don’ts Kenyan Freelance Academic Writers Must Avoid

Working with freelance academic writers for a long time you start to understand the specifics that appear when you work with people from this or that country. Kenyan academic writers also have their own peculiarities: for example, among non-natives, Kenyans provide academic writing of the highest quality. However, there are certain mistakes that Kenyan writers… Keep Reading

internet marketing africa scam

Internet Marketing Africa Scam Exposé

Is Internet Marketing Africa or Social Biz Connect (SBC) a Scam, Legit, or just another waste of time? In the past I decided to find out what this new ‘internet venture’ is all about. IMA is just the company name, whereas Social Biz Connect is the ‘social network, through which the company operates. After Patrick… Keep Reading

article and content writing sites

A List of 45+ Websites to Get Freelance Article Writing Jobs

Content writing  is a pretty straight-forward method getting paid to write online. In fact, content writing was my first online writing job. It is still among my favorite methods of earning online since it is less strenuous than academic essay writing and there is always a constant work flow. Some people complain about the pay,… Keep Reading

how does olx make money

How Does OLX Make Money?

If you use OLX as much as I do, then you must have at one time wondered how does the classifieds website make money? OLX is without a doubt the most popular e-commerce site in the country at the moment, and also experiencing similar success in many other developing countries such as Nigeria and India (as… Keep Reading

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