How to Make Money Blogging in Kenya

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Blogging is an increasingly popular method of earning a living in Kenya. However, few people fail to realize that blogging has one of the highest failure rates. While it is relatively easy to set up a blog, it is often difficult to successfully make money from a blog. There are thousands of blogs about everything, and it is progressively difficult to make money blogging in Kenya. My first few attempts at blogging failed, admittedly, due to some rookie mistakes that most bloggers make. One of the main mistakes was running a blog without a proper monetization plan.

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It is practically impossible for you to run a successful blog for a long term without a good plan on how you are going to make money.

In this post, I hold the presumption that you already have your blog set up. If you haven’t;, consider reading this guide on how to set up a blog first.

To make money, your blog needs two essential items first.

  • High-quality content

High-quality content is by far the most important element of any blog. It is practically impossible to make money from a blog without quality and search engine optimized content.

Your content should be relevant and engage your readers. Picking a niche and stick to it is important.

There are no rules to how you should write on your blog. Implement what you feel works best for you and your audience.

  • A sizeable audience/traffic

It is impossible to make money from your blog without a sizeable audience. I always recommend a threshold of at least 1000 daily visitors (not views) before attempting monetization.  However, this figure can shift depending on your niche. Some niches tend to be very profitable even with a small audience.

The five most common ways of making money from a blog is;

Banner Advertisements

This is the most common method of earning from a blog, and is used by bloggers all across the world. In banner advertising, you sell ad spaces on your site just like in newspaper and magazine advertising.

banner advertisements
A banner Ad on Techweez

You can opt to rent out the ad spaces on your own or through an ad network such as Google Adsense. In this type of advertisement model, you will be paid depending on the number of times the ad is clicked or viewed by a visitor to your blog page.

However, it is important to note that banner advertising usually pays very little, and without a ton of traffic you are bound to make close to nothing.

On the other hand, there are hundreds of bloggers from Kenya, who are making a decent sum through banner advertisements.

I will write more about this later. Keep visiting.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable ways of making money as a blogger. In affiliate marketing, you earn from your blog when you refer your visitors to purchase particular products/services for a share of the seller’s earnings.

This makes it easy to make a lot of money from even one referral, with some companies paying up to $50+ for each successful affiliate sale.

Affiliate products can be anything from web hosting services to actual physical products. One of the most popular ad networks in the world is the Amazon affiliate program, while Jumia Kenya runs a similar local initiative.

In this case, you will receive a commission every time you refer a customer to make a purchase on the Jumia Kenya website via your blog. This can be through placing banner ads or through affiliate links.

Affiliate Marketing on
Affiliate Marketing on

Native Advertising

In spite of being last on the list, native advertising is still my favorite way of making money from a blog.

From experience, people rarely click on banner advertisements. Only about 1% of site visitors will click on banner ads, while less than 0.1% of readers eventually make a purchase through affiliate marketing.

As a result, native advertising attempts to dress up ads as your usual blog content.  Native advertising, however, requires a pre-agreement between the blogger and advertiser. As you grow your blog’s brand, you are bound to find businesses within your niche that want to reach out to your audience.

Selling digital products

Digital products such as ebooks and software are now very easy to sell online. It is common for bloggers to write ebooks once they establish themselves as experts within their niche. For example, Kaluhi, a famous food blogger, makes most of her income by writing and selling cooking ebooks to her readers.

We also sell ebooks on Biashara Insight books.

Selling offline products

One of the most ignored but highly effective monetization strategies. You can use a blog to advertise and sell offline goods and services.

With the development of eCommerce, it is now easier than ever to sell online.

Blogging is an excellent avenue for expression. If you do not have a blog, then I would recommend that you start one today.  With the implementation of the right monetization techniques, you can turn your blog into a very fruitful online venture.

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I am a web developer most of the time. I enjoy writing about online work, business, travel, and technology.


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