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Academic writing is one of the best ways of making money online, simply because online academic writing work attracts some of the best returns in the industry. If you are green about what academic writing involves, then you are better off reading this introduction to academic writing first. We have just created the first 100% free online academic writing course. The guide provided on this post will ensure you start off as an academic writer without the need for any type of training.


introduction to academic writing


Since academic writing solely involves working on papers that are meant to be presented for grading in academic institutions including colleges, universities, and high schools; everything that you write will have to go through an examiner/professor. Therefore, everything has to follow strict laid out and pre-determined guidelines.

A well-written academic paper has to show the writer’s competency, understanding, and ability to present what is learned in class through written presentations. The ideas have to follow a certain pattern depending on the type of paper to be presented and most institutions tend to have very similar expectations and guidelines, with most of them only differing on the type of referencing style that has to be used. As an academic writer you have to learn and perfect every requirement along with almost every type of referencing style that is available.

introduction to academic writing

Services that will make you a better academic writer

  1. Grammarly – The best tool for correcting almost all English writing mistakes you can think of. Also checks for plagiarism. A must-have for academic writers.
  2. – You don’t have to learn and master all those referencing styles when you have sites like this which will do it for you.
  3. Worlcat – A great website for getting sources.
  4. Ginger – Similar to grammarly.
  5. – Referencing tool.
  6. Easybib – Referencing tool.
  7. Purdue OWL – the most reliable website when it comes to everything related to academic writing
  8. Google Books – Great for getting sources and referencing.
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