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KCB Lions Den Review: Flawed, but Worth the Watch

The KCB Lion’s Den is the local take on the highly successful ABC reality TV show Shark Tank. The Lion’s Den presents budding Entrepreneurs with the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to a panel of successful business personalities with the hope of being funded in exchange for equity stake in their companies. The panel… Keep Reading

sports betting

Why You Can’t Make Money in Sports Betting

If you placed a ksh100 bet on Leicester winning the 2015/2016 English Premier League, you would have walked away a winner one year later and Ksh500000 richer. No other business idea will guarantee you a return that can come close to matching the possible winnings from sports betting. However, the truth, to many, is that… Keep Reading


Cheapest Banks to Borrow a Business Loan in Kenya

Are you looking for a business loan in Kenya? The Central Bank of Kenya has published average bank lending rates on its website showing the most expensive and least expensive lenders in the business and personal loans category. This post will focus on business loans which often attract the highest interest rates and hidden charges.… Keep Reading


Uber Killing Taxis in Kenya

Uber has now plunged the local taxi industry into an impasse that has rocked major cities across the world. The taxi hailing service is fast replacing the conventional taxi industry. The adoption of technology in Africa is usually slower as opposed to the global adoption rates, but with the arrival of Uber all signs point… Keep Reading

how does olx make money

How Does OLX Make Money?

If you use OLX as much as I do, then you must have at one time wondered how does the classifieds website make money? OLX is without a doubt the most popular e-commerce site in the country at the moment, and also experiencing similar success in many other developing countries such as Nigeria and India (as… Keep Reading

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