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Top 5 Business Ideas on the Lions’ Den

KCB’s Lion’s den presents budding entrepreneurs with the opportunity to showcase their business ideas to a panel of investors with the hope of securing an investment. I also use the show to learn valuable lessons on how to run a business and to also look out for the potential next big idea. It is fairly… Keep Reading

Business Ideas in Kenya

200+ Business Ideas in Kenya

A business is always the best alternative to the ever elusive jobs. However, the success of the business depends on very many factors and most businesses have already failed even before day one. Both big and small business ideas in Kenya tend to fail, if poorly implemented. A research by the Harvard Business Review studied… Keep Reading


How to Start an Online Shop

Hello Sammy, I just came across your post about 100 ways to make money online and I was suddenly very interested in ecommerce. How can I make my own simple online store? I don’t have the need to sell as many items as Jumia, just some electronics that I import as a side hustle. The… Keep Reading


20+ Websites to Find Jobs in Kenya

Finding a job is not easy, in fact only one in two graduates will secure a job, but you can leverage the power of the internet to widen the reach of your job search. In the past, the only place you could find job listings was in the newspaper or one of those jobs boards… Keep Reading

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