5 Don’ts Kenyan Freelance Academic Writers Must Avoid

Working with freelance academic writers for a long time you start to understand the specifics that appear when you work with people from this or that country. Kenyan academic writers also have their own peculiarities: for example, among non-natives, Kenyans provide academic writing of the highest quality. However, there are certain mistakes that Kenyan writers make very often and these blunders can even cost them reputation in  future. That’s why EssayLancers team has decided to highlight 5 most typical mistakes that are better to be avoided if Kenyans want to maintain the reputation of the best non-native academic writers.

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  1. Don’t Offer All Kinds of Services

This is the most widespread mistake. A person can’t be an expert in everything because it’s just impossible. And from my experience, academic writers that claim to be able to write any kind of paper produce writing of average quality (in the best case).

Advice: Choose a niche that you are going to develop in and become a real expert in a narrower sphere. For instance, you can get hand in writing case studies and demand good money for it because you are sure that you’ll write excellent papers in this direction of academic writing.

  2. Don’t Bug a Potential Employer

Imagine a situation – you are a potential employer who is probably looking for freelance academic writers. You go to your social network page and see some requests to join your circles. You add some people to your social networks and the moment you click the “accept” button, your inbox is overloaded with resumes and characteristics of impeccable skills. Self-marketing and self-promotion is undoubtedly a good thing but not when you try too hard. As a rule, when such a situation happens, employers develop a predefined negative attitude to your candidature even before getting to your qualifications.

Advice: When potential employers add you to their social network, wait for them to make the first move. If it doesn’t happen, you can try to start a conversation by taking interest in their work. People are always eager to tell about themselves. Only then you can mention that you are an academic writer and actually available to take some orders.

   3. Don’t Write Cover Letters with Mistakes

It seems very obvious but it happens too often to neglect it. Academic writers send loads of cover letters that are full of grammar or stylistic mistakes because they try to stand out among their colleagues by using turns of speech and complicated phrases. And to be different is actually a good desire. But when you overstuff your cover letters with difficult constructions that usually lead to a bunch of mistakes and idioms that hardly anybody uses in their communication, it looks inappropriate.

Advice: Make it simpler but clearer. Give the potential employer all you’ve got without complicated wording because it will most likely prevent you from making a lot of mistakes. In addition, use several grammar checkers that will show you how to improve your writing and the result will be much better.

   4. Don’t Put Fake Photos to Your Profiles

Academic writers like to add some photos of celebrities or pictures that clearly do not correspond with the name of a freelancer. But that doesn’t make you look better. On the contrary, it lowers the level of credibility to your personality. People can’t trust the quality of work, if they don’t trust a potential employee.

Advice: Put a decent photo to your profile that is appropriate for a resume. That means that the face expression, background and clothes should be either formal or semi-formal.

   5. Don’t Work Under Fake Names

The last but the most important nuance of working with Kenyan freelance academic writers. Yes, it is difficult to gain good reputation and trust from clients if you are a non-native academic writer and it is quite clear why you buy accounts from natives. But in this way you only make your own development in this sphere stagnate. There are already many talks and discussions on this topic and some employers begin to turn down offers from Kenyan academic writers because they just can’t trust you. They read reviews on the Internet that sometimes even Kenyans with a good command of English open accounts for other people to make money. Where is the guarantee that you will not sell your account to someone whose quality of writing is much lower? The answer is right, there is no. Remember: people do not like to be cheated and bad reviews spread much faster than good reputation.

Advice: Work hard to gain credibility and professional status. Be patient and improve your skills and your clients will talk about you. This kind of success holds longer than ephemeral chance to make money for some time until one day the account will be closed by the employer.

These are the most common mistakes that Kenyan freelance academic writers make. We hope that our tips will help you to avoid mistakes that can spoil your work and future development. It is very important to be ready for the competitive atmosphere in academic writing business and it is indeed hard to get to the top, but yet it is possible even under your own name. Don’t make people doubt you and your origin and they’ll happily work with you. And another key to the success here is your professionalism. It means that you have to improve your English all the time. So, move forward and don’t stop!

Editor’s Note:

This is a guest post by Larry Milbourne. Larry Milbourne is a senior freelance academic writing supervisor at EssayLancers.com – the online community of freelance academic writers from all over the world. Larry has in-depth knowledge and experience in the academic writing industry.

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